Thursday, September 27, 2012

Teen Resume Tips

I've heard from many teen job seekers who aren't sure what a resume is, don't think they need a resume, or aren't sure what to include on a resume.
Even though a resume isn't required for a lot of teen jobs, a resume can bolster your chances of getting hired. Plus, you have more information to put on your resume than you might think. Even if you don't have formal work experience, you can include other types of work like baby sitting or lawn mowing and volunteer experiences.
Make a List
A list will help you organize the information you're going to include on your resume:

  • Name, address and contact information
  • School
  • Work / volunteer history
  • Positive personal characteristics
  • Skills and experience
  • Coursework
  • Other Accomplishments (awards, sports, activities, honors)
Review Resume Samples
Before you start, review sample teen resume samples. They will give you a good idea of what your resume should look like and what you can include on your resume.
Getting Started on Your Resume
It's easy to get started creating your resume, even if it's the first time you've done it. All you need is a word processing program like Microsoft Word and a printer. Your school or library will have everything you need, if you don't have it at home.
Resume Templates
A quick way to get a head start on writing a resume is to use a Microsoft Word Resume Template. All you'll need to do is customize the template with your information. You can also use my resume template for high school students.
Resume Builders for Teen Resumes
Another option it to use a resume builder. has a resume builder specifically for teen job seekers. You can enter all your information into the resume builder online. You can't print your resume, but you can copy/paste it into Microsoft Word to print.
Formatting Your Resume
After you have added all your personal information to your resume, take the time to format it. Your resume should use a plain font, have lots of white space, and be simple and easy to read. Your resume has less than 20 seconds to make a good impression on an employer, so it needs to be eye-catching and easy to read.

Creative Resumes

A creative resume is a terrific way, especially for job seekers who want to provide online examples of their work, to highlight your skills and experience in a manner that is more visually appealing and engaging than a traditional resume that simply lists your employment history.
You don't have to be a techie to make a creative resume. There are free resume sites that will step you through the process of designing and creating your resume, provide you with storage space online to host your resume, and give you a personal URL that you can share with employers and contacts. You'll be able to update your resume online and share it with your networking connections and prospective employers.
Before you take the time, read about the pros and cons of using a nontraditional resume. If you decide creating one will enhance your job search, here's a list of sites you can use to build a creative resume.
Creative Resume Sites
On, users create a one-page online social resume. Users can connect friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to their page. also allows users to track who sees their profile. Example
Prezi is a presentation software that allows users to create "prezumes," online resumes that include text, image, and video. While users must pay for special features such as additional storage space, the core features are free.
Resoomay is a site for creating video profiles. Users can promote their videos through social networks, receive feedback, and track how many employers are interested in them. helps users design visual online resumes using a combination of widgets, personalized settings, and themes. Through their LinkedIn accounts, users create visual representations of their accomplishments. provides detailed analytics on who looks at each user's resume.
SlideRocket is a presentation tool that job seekers can use to create online infographic resumes. Each user is given a presentation URL that he can embed into a website or blog, or post on his LinkedIn or other networking account. SlideRocket offers free membership with limited services, as well as more extensive paid subscriptions.
VisualCV offers users a free online resume. Job seekers can include videos, work samples, charts, and graphs. Users receive a URL which they can share with friends, contacts, and employers.
VisualCV Example
With, users create one-page online infographic resumes based on their LinkedIn account information. They can then share their resume URL with people in their network.
WorkSimple Individual Edition
Users on WorkSimple create a visual online portfolio that showcases one's goals and accomplishments. Users can share their portfolios with their LinkedIn networks to promote themselves and to receive feedback

What is a resume?

Resume is a document that outlines your qualifications, including but not limited to: Profile, Objective, Skills, Education, and Professional Experiences so an employer can see an overview of how you can contribute to their company. In short, your resume provides employers with what you can offer them if they hire you.
In this site, you will find a multitude of sample resumes, helping you to write a resume in the appropriate format.
Look at our sample resumes and personalize them to fit your professional needs. We have used specific formats for each job type and proven terminology to provide you with the latest and most successful resume samples. This collection of free sample resumes is specifically designed for job-seekers using the Web in your job search.
The following are different types of resumes we have available for you:
Chronological Resume:
The chronological resume: current or most recent employer is listed first.
Functional Resume:
Functional resumes discuss work experience according to your functional strengths, not the employers for which you have worked. This type of resume works well when you want to show employers what you have done and not who you have worked for.
Hybrid Resume:
The hybrid resume combines the chronological and functional resumes' approaches.
Executive Resume:
Candidates or managers with extensive work experience have an advantage over candidates with shorter work experience. To increase their chances of hearing from a potential employer, candidates with extensive work experience should create a resume which targets each opportunity.
Plain Text Resume:
Many corporate e-mail systems are sensitive to attached documents for fears of downloading a virus. To maximize your chances of having your resume read, you should paste your resume into the body of your e-mail message; this will increase your chances of having it read by HR professionals and hiring managers.
Contractor Resume:
Professionals who do contract work face a unique resume challenge: displaying their experience without looking like a job hopper. By using a Functional Resume approach, you will ensure that potential employers will see your commitment to professionalism.
Longer Executive Resume:
Resumes for senior executives will be two pages minimally and include comprehensive information. Such candidates have too many employers, accomplishments, or skill, to cram into just two pages. For these individuals, the longer executive resume will be appropriate.

Sample Resume

Karl R. Moody 
1295 Elmwood Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85283
                                                             (480) 838 6647


General Home Repairs – Plumbing – Landscaping – Painting

Hardworking professional with expertise in home maintenance and general repair skills. Superb ability to troubleshoot, solve problems, and understand complicated technical instructions. Able to understand client needs and complete tasks efficiently.


·       Able to oversee all types of general maintenance such as: brush painting, wallpapering, dry wall construction, landscaping, roof repair, waterproofing, exterior downspouts, drain clogging, furniture refinishing, electrical, appliance installation and plumbing.


MRT Work Crewmember
2002 – 2004
Helped work crews to maintain office and industrial areas. Led projects from concept to final product. Key crewmember in transforming a warehouse into an office space.
·       Researched building materials to save the company over 20%.
·       Helped maintain safe working environment.

1999 – 2002
Custom Cabinetry Solutions
Help design custom cabinets for new and retrofitted construction projects. Also created custom doors, mantels, and staircases.
·       Maintained all power and hand tools for woodworking shop.
·       Negotiated equipment leasing and contracts.

1996 – 1999
Stable Home Repair
Performed maintenance and landscaping solutions such as: carpentry, window installations, appliance installation, and painting.


Home Repair Techniques (Certificate)
Central Arizona Vocational School
Two-year certificate program teaching home systems and cutting-edge materials.

Valley High School (Diploma)
Tempe, AZ

How to Format Your Resume

Use the following information to format your resume. Generate a list of information to include on your resume, then compile the details to format your resume into a customized resume to send to employers.
Also review sample resumes and a resume template you can use to create a resume.

Resume Format

Your Contact Information
First Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone (Cell/Home)
Email Address

Objective (optional)
What do you want to do? If you include this section it should be a sentence or two about your employment goals. A customized objective that describes why you are the perfect candidate for the job can help your resume stand out from the competition.
Career Summary / Highlights (optional)
A customized section of your resume that lists key achievements, skills, traits, and experience relevant to the position for which you are applying can serve dual purposes. It highlights your relevant experience and lets the prospective employer know that you have taken the time to create a resume that shows how you are qualified for the job.
This section of your resume includes your work history. List the companies you worked for, dates of employment, the positions you held and a bulleted list of responsibilities and achievements.
Company #1
City, State
Dates Worked
Job Title

  • Responsibilities / Achievements
  • Responsibilities / Achievements
Company #2
City, State

Tailor Your Resume Objective

Some job seekers choose to include an objective on their resume, rather than including it in the body of their cover letter. It's optional, but including a resume objective can convince employers that you know what you want and are familiar with the job, the industry, and the company.
If you include an objective on your resume, it's important to tailor the resume objective to match the job you are applying for. The more specific you are, the better chance you have of being considered for the job you are interested in.
Resume Objectives
Writing resume objectives and resume objective samples to review.
More Resume Objective Examples
Review more resume objective statement examples shared by site visitors and, if you have a great resume objective to share, add a sample resume objective to the list.
Resume Tips
More resume tips and advice for writing a perfect resume, plus resume tips for online job applications, resume formatting, resume styles, choosing a resume writer, and tips for writing resumes that secure an interview.
Resume Examples
Before you start work on your resume, review free resume samples that fit a variety of employment situations. These resumes examples and templates provide job seekers with examples of resume formats that will work for almost every job seeker.

Resume Formatting Guidelines By Alison Doyle, Guide

How you format
your resume is important for several reasons. First of all, your resume needs to make a strong visual impression on the reader. Secondly, your resume may first be read by software rather than a person, so it needs to be in a format that will easily upload, but still retain it's visual appearance without the text or font getting garbled. Finally, in some cases you will still need to deliver a paper resume - at a career or job fair or to a connection who is helping your job search. In all cases, your resume needs to make the best possible impression on the reader and how your resume is formatted is as important as the words that describe your employment history.
Margins, spacing, font size and style, and the other elements of resume formatting are all important when creating resumes that are professional and engaging. Here are guidelines for writing resumes that will work to showcase your skills and qualifications to potential employers.

Resume Font Size and Type
Guidelines for choosing a resume font size.
Resume Text
Advice on formatting the text of your resume, including margins, section headings, and readability.
Resume Margins
Resume margin guidelines, including standard resume margins, text alignment, and how to reduce margins if you need extra space.
Resume Spacing
Resume spacing guidelines including how to space margins, paragraphs, and each section of your resume.
Sections of Your Resume
Here's information on what to include in each section of your resume, including contact information, experience, education, skills, objective and career summary (if you use them), as well as advice on adding keywords to your resume so it gets picked up by recruiting management software.
How to Format the Sections of Your Resume
When you write a resume you can either write your descriptions in paragraphs or use a bulleted list, here's information on both options: